Stop Apologising


Stop over-apologising and put an end to the negativity

As women, we’re conditioned to apologise. Most of us can think of more than a few occasions when we’ve apologised even if we’re not the ones who have been in the wrong, but this kind of over-apologising could be more sinister than you might think. It leads to feelings of guilt over inconsequential incidents, and can foster a sense of obligation in our relationships with others.

While it might seem like a hard habit to break, there’s a simple switch you can make to stop yourself from saying “I’m sorry” every time you cause a minor inconvenience. Instead, next time you go to apologise, turn it into an act of gratitude.

If you’re running late for coffee, when you arrive, don’t say, “I’m sorry I’m late.” Instead, say, “Thank you for waiting for me,” to turn the issue into a positive. The same goes if you make a mistake in the office. Rather than immediately jumping to apologise, reply with, “Thank you for your help.

Making the switch and turning these negative instances into positives will make a noticeable difference to both you and your interactions with others. You’ll be able to stop dwelling on the situation, as you would if you started off the interaction with something negative, and the conversation can continue on in a positive manner.

While making the switch might require a bit of effort to begin with, hopefully we can all start apologising a little bit less and showing a little bit more gratitude and positivity in future.


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