Gender Pay Gap


A few things to take note of in the ugly world of work.

It’s the season for graduating, and as a new group of working women are introduced to the work force they need to be informed on what the process can be like for women.

As working women in Australia we are initially introduced to the Pay Gap, which thankfully for us is at the lowest it’s ever been. The Gender Pay Gap is the difference between men and women’s earnings, which is presented as a percentage of men’s earnings. The current Australian Gender Pay Gap is 15.3%.

Women are also judged more harshly than men, this is evident through interview processes as well as discrimination at work.

A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences found that women were more likely to be interrupted during an interview. The studies were done based on male interviewers. Women are also more likely to be faced with follow up questions in contrast to a male counterpart with identical qualifications.

A survey from Pew Research undertaken in 2017 also found that 42% of women have experienced gender discrimination in some form, at work. The survey asked if the workers had ever felt they had been overlooked for a promotion or their work had received less support, based on their gender. In contrast 22% of men voted yes.

The workforce is evolving with society, but for the moment we face a number of hardships. Good luck.



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