Why a Baby Break is the Best Time for a Career Change

A new outlook on life can lead to a new outlook on work.


Although it’s a ‘baby break’, it’s no break. Maternity leave is hard work, and that hard work can leave you thinking about your future. This includes your professional future.

Many women have changed careers after their maternity leave, it’s a wide open space, an optimal time to finish a professional term somewhere and think of what you are passionate about. What would you want to wake up to every morning that would be worthy enough to leave your kids?

Local Melbourne based mum, Mikayla Fulton, is currently on Maternity leave after the birth of her first child and is in the throes of considering her professional future.

“My 12-month maternity leave has not only given me the chance to bond with my son, but it is allowing me to truly think about my career and the direction it’s travelling in. This is when I find the time to think in between the feeding, vomiting and nappy explosions.”

Fulton says she wants to find a long-lasting career that can grow as her family does and find work that she genuinely enjoys. She is inspired by others who have opted to have a career inspired by their family.

Many creative mums have left their jobs after maternity leave and begun following their passions. Marayna from the ever-popular online Jewellery store, Kenzie Collective, has said on social media that she only had the strength to follow her passion after her daughter and inspiration, Mackenzie, was born.

The world is your oyster, and sometimes that oyster only fully cracks open when you yourself are in the middle of your maternity leave, at breaking point.



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