Why Mothers Make Great Employees

Mothers gain some great qualities through motherhood that can be applied to the working world.

Motherhood and work life tied together can get a bad rap, but in reality, mothers make fantastic employees. Through motherhood many great qualities are gained, or grown, that can be applied to the working world.

Here are some reasons why mothers make great employees.

 Multi-tasking Becomes Second Nature

As a study by BMC Psychology concluded, women are already pretty damn good at multi-tasking and are highly organised under pressure. Further research by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar-IIan University in Israel found that working mothers are the cream of the crop when it comes to multi-tasking – often multi-tasking for more than 40 per cent of their waking hours.

The assumption can be drawn then that working mothers are gifted with the inherit skill of multi-tasking, which has basically become second nature to them. This doesn’t mean that each task is done half-heartedly but rather many things done at once with appropriate priorities given.


A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis revealed that mothers were more productive than their childless counterparts. Having children can make you motivated to provide for your family but it also teaches you about honing down on tasks and getting them done without procrastination or delay.

Many mothers preach that there aren’t enough hours in the day, and while this is true for many, they are masters at squeezing every productive minute out of the ones they have been given.


A mother’s patience and tolerance is often tested on a daily basis, which results in them being better co-workers. A dirty mug in the staff kitchen sink is a lot easier to deal with compared to cleaning baby food repeatedly off the ground at 6:30am.

Patience is a skill grown over the duration of motherhood that transfers into all aspects of a mother’s live, including the working world.

Way Better At Dealing With Hangovers Than Their Millennial Counterpart

As Bryony Gordon, a Telegraph writer, shared in The Telegraph, a working mother is also kick-ass at working through a hangover.

When asked what being a mum taught her, she replied:

“How to have a hangover. God, I used to be such a wuss after a big night out. “Boo hoo, poor me, I’m so tired.” If only I had the super strength that comes with a crack-of-dawn start after a night out on the pop. Just. Get. On. With. It.”

Mothers are already superheros from the moment their bodies begin to incubate a whole human person inside their womb. They may be seen to have a lot on their plate already, but they make kick-ass employees in the working world.





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