We’ve all had struggles when it comes to balancing life, career, and our kids. And sometimes it’s nice to know that even the fiercest, strongest, and most accomplished of us go through the same.

Recently the ever-impressive Serena Williams sent out a little tweet that had working mums nod in recognition.

And while many of us don’t have the resources of a woman who earns a few million per job, there can be comfort found in knowing that no matter who you are, if your kid wants to vomit on you there’s nothing that can be done.

We can all have a good laugh about it, but there is a deeper and more meaningful message behind sharing a story like Serena Williams’. And it’s that being open and honest with one another about the difficulties of being a working mum is helpful to us all. It’s not only a cathartic experience to share these stories, but it also helps build a supportive community that uplifts all of us. Working mums have it tough, as do stay-at-home mums. We all have our issues that we battle through on a daily basis. It’s time to start sharing our stories, having a laugh together, offering support when we can, and showing a level of empathy that we’d all like to receive.


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