You are valuable


It is common for women who are reentering the workforce to have fear of relevancy or that your skills are outdated and no longer needed. And while technology evolves at a rapid pace there are elements that you bring to the workforce that will always be in demand. It’s easy to succumb to the fear that your skills are somehow less-than; they aren’t. And great workplaces recognise that.

  1. Resliency

All mother’s know what resiliency is. It can’t be taught in a lecture hall or a Youtube tutorial, this is a skill that life teaches you. You’ve had to stare down a lot of big things. Raising a human is no small feat. Once you recognize the huge task of keeping another person alive day in and day out, you can begin to recognize how resilient you are. This is a huge selling point. Companies desperately want someone that they can rely on during trying times. And you are that person!

  1. Time Management

It might not sound very sexy, but time management is something that a lot of people claim to have, but few actually possess. You have this skill, and you can prove it! Every day you manage to not only organize yourself, but other people. This is something that younger workers haven’t mastered yet. They will in time, but you’re already there. That is an absolute advantage. Don’t be embarrassed to brag about how many social and sporting activities you schedule on a day-to-day basis.

  1. Communication Skills

Your communication skills are next level! Being a parent gives you access to a well of empathy, and empathy is vital in understanding others and communicating to them effectively. You can’t underestimate this skill and it’s something that you need to demonstrate. Once again, it’s vital that you don’t discount your experience as a parent and how it has positively affected your communication.

The misconception that the skills you learn at home are somehow not transferrable to the workplace is something that we need to debunk. Don’t diminish your skills. They are valuable!



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