Your Forgetfulness Might Mean You're A Smarter Person


Can’t remember what you had for breakfast? Your forgetfulness may mean you have a smarter brain

A study published in 2017 by researchers at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research found that being forgetful means your brain is automatically processing what is important information (and what isn’t). If the brain decides that certain information is irrelevant, it will get rid of it to make room for more substantial information.

Transience is the brain trying to forget. Persistence is the brain trying to remember. These two processes basically work in sync to enable your brain to make decisions in the future. By getting rid of irrelevant information, it makes room for what is more pertinent to your life.

Yes, some people can magically remember all the details of their life, but this could just mean that their brain is slower at doing a clean-out of the unimportant information. This build-up can lead to an information overload, and makes your thinking processes slower, over time.

Basically, if you’re forgetting details all the time—like where you put your coat earlier—you aren’t dumb. Your brain just processes information super quickly, getting rid of what it doesn’t need to make decisions going forward.

In other words, keep forgetting, you’re doing great.



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